Первая модель iPhone. Модель А1203; с 4, 8 или 16 ГБ памяти; и алюминиевой задней крышкой. При ремонте придется помолиться и немного попаять.

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wont turn on. connect to itunes logo shows.

When I try and turn the phone on the phone shows the connect to itunes logo briefly and will then turn off/screen goes blank. when i connect to itunes or the mains the phone is unresponsive or shows the connect to itunes logo.

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Christian Harfield, I would start with a new battery. The iPhone does some very weird things when the battery comes to its end of life cycle. Of course you should also try to put your phone into DFU mode so you can do an iTunes firmware restore. here are some great sites that will help you with it. http://www.ismashphone.com/2008/08/recov... and http://www.iclarified.com/entry/index.ph... If it comes to changing the battery the Guide is here. It is NOT easy to do but manageable, just familiarize yourself with the steps ahead of time. The battery is available right here. Good Luck and I hope this will help you out.

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ipod wont turn on disable first gen

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