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How to replace individual letter keys on MacBook Pro keyboard?

I ordered a used (seller refurbished) MacBook Pro on eBay, and when it arrived I realized that they must have repaired the keyboard, because the /w/ and /e/ keys were switched.

I can’t find any guides on iFixit to replace individual keys on the original butterfly keyboard, and maybe I’ll have to contribute one myself, but I’d love to know if there’s a great guide out there, or maybe someone who’s done it before that can give me some pointers.

I’ve got plenty of experience repairing Apple products, and i’ve replaced other keyboard keys on PC’s, but this is a bit different I can tell just from messing with the keys (which are a little loose).

Thanks in advance!

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The 2015 models don't use the butterfly design it uses the scissor design. The key caps are replaceable on this series. If you have a newer system 2016 to 2019 these use the butterfly design and the keycap is not user replaceable!


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Review this video How To: Replace or Clean your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or MacBook Air Keyboard Keys

And here’s listing to identify which version you have: Key Caps & Scissor mechs You can replace them with new ones if need be.

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