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Virtual reality headset released by Acer, built around the Windows Mixed Reality platform. Model AH101-D8EY.

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No display when headsets turned on

When I turn on my headset everything loads except the display. Hearing and tracking is fine but I can't see anything. I know my computers not the issue because I tested it on a friends computer.

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im having this issue too, started when i put the visor down after typign on my keyboard. immediately lost sight and it was tracking perfectly. based on what ive dug up it seems to be the cable. also i was able to switch the refresh rate several times and get it to work, then when i even slightly moved the visor it immediately went to black. there is no replacement cable as far as ive seen this is probably a situation where youll have to take it apart and fix the cable another way.

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Ya, Every time I plug it in it tracks perfectly fine. But when I put it on the display is just pitch black

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