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The Samsung Eternity is rectangular candy bar shape smartphone with a large display.

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oil UNDERNEATH touch sreen, will it come out?

In my bag, some oil happened to go inside my touch screen, will it "dry" or come off little by little? everything works fine, just the screen darker. will the oil worn out things inside? I took out the glass very carefully but notice that the oil actually went under the screen (that "screen" under the glass). your help will help me a lot, i'm somewhere in africa where all those costumer services don't exist. thank u.

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joanna, I do wholeheartedly agree with my colleague mayer. The only thing that I would further recommend is to follow this guide I know, I know my pictures are horrible :-)It was my first attempt ;-) anyhow, the digitizer is really easy to change compared to some other phones. It took me less that 20 minutes, and that is taking my time. I know that you do not have the customer service, but may be by disassembling it you can get it cleaned with some isopropyl alcohol. I replaced two of the digitizers for less than $20 if you can't get them but need them let us know I am sure we can arrange to get them to you ;-) good luck to you

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Oil will not evaporate. Try to follow the guide and clean as much of it out as possible.

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