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The Asus Zenbook UX31A is a laptop released in June of 2012. It is a member of Asus's Ultrabook line. It features a 3rd generation Intel Core I7 processor and a full HD IPS Display.

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My Asus ZenBook UX32A's LCD has a blue tint

I have recently been given a asus ZenBook UX32A. Since I’ve had it however the LCD screen has a blue cast to it, even in the bios. I have dismantled it and checked inside, cleared out dust in the fan system, and checked the connectors are situated as they should be and there has been no change. Does anyone know what it might be?

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Just done a very quick search and I hope this can help you. This was posted on an external forum here. It seems like there is a program that comes pre-installed called ‘Asus Splendid Utility’ which could be the cause of this issue. All you should have to do (if this is the cause) is simply uninstall it by using the search bar at the bottom of your screen to search for ‘add or remove programs’ and then searching through for the aforementioned program. Hope that helps.

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