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Forgot password for one of four cams in network, reset help needed

Was sold 3 dome- style uniview cameras and then had a ONVIF camera added to the network later. Problem is the installer refuses to give me the admin password for the new camera, even though it is set up and linked to my email address & WiFi / Internet.

I’m able to reset the password for the dome cams but keep hitting a roadblock when I attempt to add the new camera to the network.

How do I reset an ONVIF Password? Is it different process to NVR? Ready to physically remove this camera and sell it to replace it with a camera I can access completely!!

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What is the make and model of the camera. Often times there is a process to reset the settings within the camera directly. You may need to take it down physically to gain access to the port or flash.


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ONVIF is not a brand of camera, but a forum for standardizing interfaces of IP security protocols (see https://www.onvif.org/ ). Many brands of cameras comply with ONVIF standards (see https://www.onvif.org/conformant-product... ).

So resetting your password will depend on the particular brand of camera.

Here is a site listing different ways to factory reset different brands of camera: https://www.a1securitycameras.com/techni...

Additionally, perhaps your installer never changed the default password. Here is a list default username and passwords by brand: https://www.a1securitycameras.com/techni...

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@tdunc15 - Good find!



Model: IPC-B120-1 4mm

These are the details for the “new” camera, it also has I/P info, POE address, SN, and MAC address, bar code and QR code...


HiWatch is made by Hikvision: https://www.hi-watch.eu/en-us/product/20.... You can download the user manual here: https://www.hi-watch.eu/images/PMSImages.... You can use the links I provided above for resetting a Hikvision camera. Also, the user manual has a section on resetting the admin password on page 59.


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