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The HP Notebook 17-x027ds model number can be identified at the bottom of the laptop in white lettering 17-x027ds. The HP Notebook contains a touch screen that has a 17.3in HD display.

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Can'tGet Spacebar Back Onlol

So actuallyI have this laptop: HP 17.3" ENVY 17-u110nr Multi-Touch Laptop

ButIcould’tfind it in the list. As you can tell, my spacebar isnoton properly.I swear if this was 1994 I could putthis back on properly, but there are all these extra thing and I don’t know which way they go.

Thespace bar hasasupport bar(its own),then 2more that I canmove. It also has 2 caps that have 2very very tiny holes - which I assume the caps go into the metal “posts” thatare also very little. But then there are 2 more plastic pieces.

The first 2 have a “half moon” at the top. The other two plastic pieces also have an empty half moon,so I assumed the second pieces fit onto the first pieces. And then I put one support bar one way and the other the other way, but uh thats not right.

Can someone help me?I have a crap ton of work to do and uh this? Ain’tgonna cut it.

Update (06/10/2019)

I sure can. I think I figured out where two of the caps went but I can't figure out where the other two go or which way they go. And I can't figure out if both support bars on the bottom are supposed to go one way or opposite ways or whatever.

Block Image

Block Image

LOL Its embarrassing how dirty it is under there!

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Can you post some pictures?


Haha okay Ill try that. I wish someone had a video and I’m really surprised no one does!


It would be hard to show how the space bar reconnects because it blocks what is happening. You essentially need to click those pieces back into place.


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Reattach the space bar and try to always hit the center of the space bar

Mise à jour (10/06/2019)

@notyouritguy lol. No offense, but that was not at all helpful. “Reattach??” LOL. Wow. How about you just let that other guy help me and you can go help someone else.

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Ok, so here’s what you should try to do. (I went ahead and took my space bar off of my Compaq laptop and it has a similar set up). The two white pieces need to go together. So both of the smaller “caps” need to connect to one of the larger “caps”.

Then you need to reconnect each of these sets to the motherboard, not the space bar. Once you have both sets of caps on the motherboard, you will notice if you lift one side up that it will sort of “scissor” or make an X.

Now comes the tricky part. I used a plastic splunger but you could also use a plastic butter knife or something else that is thin, flat and sturdy. You will need to place the space bar down like it would normally go. Then using the splunger put it underneath one of the sets of caps, slightly lifting it up and then press the space bar into place. You will need to do this on both sides of the space bar, front and back, left and right.

My laptop only had one bar, whereas you have two. It looks like one bar is already connected to the space bar. I would guess that once you have reconnected the caps to the space bar that you would have to reconnect the bottom bar as well.

I hope this is helpful. I tried my best to describe what you need to do. Let me know how it goes. Good luck!

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