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Repair guides and support for C/K pickup trucks sold by General Motors under the GMC brand, including the GMC Sierra.

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Head gasket on 97 350 vortech

How hard is it to replace a head gasket on a 97 vortec 350? I noticed about a dime size of antifreeze by the valve cover and assume its head gasket, I am pretty mechanically inclined as a female., but wanted to make sure it isnt more than I can bite off. I know my valve gaskets and spark plug and cables could use to be done and have put off because my headman headers I gotta remove to do to get spark plug in back out, so figures I would do all, any thing I need to be aware of other than the obvious. Thanks for your help.

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Check all hoses for any leaks first

If you determine that you have a head gasket problem, remove the head and take it to a machine shop to have the ports pressure tested and checked to see if it is warped. If a port is cracked it may be able to be magnafluxed and repaired, if the head is warped, they can plane it to make it flat again. Then replace gasket and reassemble.

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