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Samsung smartphone released in January 2016. Model SM-J320

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Samsung J3 Home Button Loose After Screen Replacement

I have fitted a replacement screen to my Samsung J3 2016, although the Home Button seems loose and moves quite a bit. It still works but is quite annoying. Is there something I have missed? As when I removed the broken screen it seemed to just sit on the back of the glass panel.

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Usually this is caused when the screen doesn’t sit fully down. when you run into this problem it could either be the adhesive used (adhesive that comes on/with screens usually isn’t very good to use) or there could be tiny shards of glass if the frame wasn’t cleaned properly or the old adhesive could still be on the frame giving an extra layer so the screen doesn’t sit straight to the frame.

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Hi sorry for the late reply and thank you for your advice. The screen sits perfectly flush and came with no pre-applied adhesive. The mid frame has also been thoroughly cleaned.

I have used T-7000 Glue to seat the screen and have now applied a little around the cut out where the Home Button sits which has helped to keep it in place. No longer moves around and works perfectly.


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