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NFC quit working after charge port replacement

I work for a local phone repair shop. Me devices don’t come back with issues after a repair. However, after changing my charge port, my nfc is no longer working. No Apple Pay and I can read my wife’s Freestyle constant glucose monitoring device. I have checked all connection an found nothing wrong. I have also done a factory restart to no avail. Any suggestions?

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Pay close attention when removing the logic board on the 8+. The NFC portion of the logic board is located on the top right hand corner. The stand-off screw, just below the the one holding down the camera shield, also has a black plastic ring that it goes through. When you replace the logic board make sure that ring is on top of the logic board and not underneath it. If not paying close attention you will miss this. That ring is part of a short connector that wraps around the cameras to the top right hand corner of the frame. The NFC uses the frame as an antenna. Apple Pay will not work if this step is missed, nor will anything using NFC.

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This worked! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. God bless you (:


very helpful! Thanks!


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