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Help asus really slow thanks

Guys please help!

I paid $1,400 for my laptop and its slow!

The system is a Asus GL703VD with an Intel i7 with 16 GB of RAM & NVIDIA 1050 GPU.

Why is it so slow! On games its quick no problem!

But, I am having 2 problems when I take my charger off during the game my FPS goes way low and the game start running slow why!

And the second problem if I want to open Facebook app or internet it takes more then 5 mins to launch it!

Help plz

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Have you tried contacting Asus Support? If its a new system.


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Low FPS after leaving the charger is quite common. This is because when you unplug the charging cable from the outlet or laptop, it most likely transfers to Internal CPU graphics opposed to the far superior dedicated graphics card that is also present in your system. To enable dedicated graphics on battery power, open the NVIDIA control panel and switch the option to dedicated high power NVIDIA GPU. (seen in part in this video, here).

If your computer is running slow opening software, I would first recommend running an antivirus scan with Malwarebytes, to make sure there is no malicious software slowing down your computer. After this, you can start closing software in the background, such as Skype, other web browser windows and tabs that are unneeded, and applications such as Discord that could be running in the background eating power.

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