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Представленный 3-его марта 20 17 г. Nintendo Switch- это портативная приставка, способная устанавливаться в док-станцию и выводить картинку на TV

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Game will not insert into switch

I took out Splatoon 2 to play Mario kart then Mario kart would not go in. I tried all the others games now hey would not go in either. I blew on the switch and cleaned it outs and made sure I was putting them in right they still would not go in

Update (06/12/2019)

I really need help!

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A piece of fluff was stuck to the inside carefully shaking the switch worked! Thank u!

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Glad to hear you figured it out!


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It sounds like there may be something blocking you from inserting the games. Use a flashlight to look inside the slot to make sure something did not get lodged that would block putting the game in. Check the back of Splatoon 2 to see if there is any missing pieces that might have came loose. Another possibility is that one of the pins that reads the game cartridges may be out of place. Let us know what you find.

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