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The Samsung Galaxy S9 is identified by its model number: SM-G960XU. It is the ninth generation of Samsung's Galaxy Series that was released in March 2018. Available in Lilac Purple, Midnight Black, and Coral Blue.

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Will the Samsung S9 power on with no battery connected ...

I am repair a S9 and while removing the battery it punctured ( Battery was unplugged at the time) . Will the Samsung S9 power on with no battery connected by means of the charging cable only? I ask because I went to test the screen before fully reassembling and nothing is turning on.

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I actually jus tried this with an s8 and it didn’t work. I’m guessing it will not turn on by just having it plugged in to the cord. Some older phones did that but newer phones don’t from my experience.

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I have galaxy S8 and it working without battery only with charger(USB C charger).but I think the charge we need 18wat charger.

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