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How to set valves on a craftsman 17.5 riding mower

how do i set vales on a Craftsman 17.5 IC OHV riding lawn mower

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1.) find out the settings for the valves. The Intake and exhaust valves most likely won’t be the same.

2.) get a feeler gauge set at any automotive parts store (a spark plug gap tool is not the same as a feeler gauge)

3.) get a flat screwdriver and a wrench that is the size of the lock nut on the valve adjustment

4.) Under most circumstances valves shouldn’t need to be adjusted. I would check for a bent push rod or a broken rocker arm. replace the push rod if it is bent. there is no way to use a bent push rod.

5.) take the wrench and loosen the lock nut on the valve adjuster, take feeler gauge and put it in between the top of the valve and the bottom of the valve adjustment screw. When it is adjusted correctly, the feeler gauge should have a slight drag when moved back and forth while in between the top of the valve and the bottom of the adjuster screw. (if you set the gap too big it could damage the engine). If the adjustment is right, hold the adjustment screw with the screwdriver and don’t let it move. tighten the lock nut with the wrench and then check the drag felt on the feeler gauge again. if it isn’t right, do step 5 again.

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