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The Tiida(Versa) hatchback and the Tiida Latio sedan debuted in 2004 in Japan, and in select European countries in 2007.

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Why is my transmission overheating and how do I add a cooler for it

My transmission is overheating and I don't know how to add a cooler for it

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If you’re Transmission is overheating I would suggest to look up on YouTube your card year and model “How to check Transmission fluid” And than take it to your local trusted repair shop if possible. A Transmission “Cooler” is not a real thing sadly.

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Auto trans uses two hoses from the bottom of the radiator.I have a manual trans, but the radiator which i beleive was fitted once is for auto trans. This 2004 Tiida au or Versa US is the worst car i have ever had to work on.

I do have the manual for repair work. Try manuals on line to source it or contact me at razorblade1945@gmail.com for the coolng system page.

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@paulinepereyra An external trans cooler can be added to the vehicle, as mentioned you can follow the 2 small rubber hoses from the radiator going back to the transmission, they will change from rubber to metal lines. You will tap into the 2 smaller rubber hoses, or actually put 2 new longer rubber hoses (if possible) on to reach your cooler at someplace where you can mount the cooler where it will get good airflow as you are driving down the road, hiding it behind the bumper is not good as it needs airflow so inspect the area where you might want to add it in and see how much space is available, where will you mount the brackets and possibly tie the rubber hoses to something so they don't vibrate around too much. You also will not want it to get easily damaged from flying debris from rocks or other items hitting it too easily. It's ok if it gets wet from the rain.


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