Screen and touch bar stopped working after battery replacement

I followed this battery replacement guide: MacBook Pro 15" Touch Bar 2017 Battery Replacement and apparently everything went fine. However, my screen and touch bar are not working anymore. The caps lock green light works, and I can hear the sound when power cord is plugged, but both screen and touch bar remain black.

I've tried to reset SMC and PRAM but nothing changed.

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What do you see on an external display? Do you see your desktop?


@danj I tried connecting my Thunderbolt Display, but it shown nothing, like it wasn’t connected.


@bisewski Did you remove the battery connection before you went through and removed any other connections?


@ellispctech I followed the steps of the guide. Disconnected battery from logic board before disconnecting anything else.


Ok, and was the battery a brand new Apple branded battery, or was it an off brand?


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