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Garments that keep you warm on brisk days and dry on wet days. Repair difficulty ranges from simple tear patching to more complicated baffle repair.

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How to patch my goretex jacket

This is not a Patagonia piece, but an Arc’teryx Beta AR jacket. I’m not 100% what year it is, and thus not sure what specific type of goretex.

I don’t want to airmail it in and wait 4 months, so hoping that I can patch it up myself. And while i’d love to slap a WornWear patch on an ArcT jacket, I can’t wait for the caravan to come to CA.

Any suggestions on how best to patch? The issue is a “V” shaped tear, about 3/4 of 1cm in each direction.

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Most basic repair would be some fabric repair tape on both sides ( if possible).

Proper repair would be to get a Gortex fabric patch.


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