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The Logitech K700 Wireless Multimedia Keyboard Controller connects over 2.4Ghz wireless to a Logitech Unifying Receiver to PCs and other devices. It provides keyboard and mouse controls.

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What to do about spilled water on wireless keyboard?

I have Logitech K800 wireless keyboard and spilled water on it; now it will not print at all. Can this be fixed?

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I removed batteries and dried wet part too.


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Would probably be better to have replaced. The best way you could have saved this keyboard was to flip it upside down right after the spill to keep all the water at the keys and not the internal parts. Then it would have to be taken apart and dried. If you didn’t do that then you won’t know how bad it is until its taken apart.

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i had the same thing happen but only a couple of keys wont work . W, e, and r are the keys that wont work.


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