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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB DDR5 Video RAM

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Looking for 8.6mm screw for Antenna/Camera cable retainer - missing!


I just bought a “refurbished” mid-2012 15” 2.3 GHz A1286

Problems with the left screen hinge loose, and random crashes and freezes, more frequent on moving.

Opened up the case, dug down, found, in addition to loose hinge screws, the antenna/cable retainer missing an 8.6mm screw and ground tab floating loose.

Where can I get the screw? I temporarily “borrowed” one from the Airport/Bluetooth assembly.

Thanks so much, everyone!!!

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See if you can find the needed screws here MacBook Pro Unibody 15" Mid 2012 - Screws

Your other option is to get the full screw set here: MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2010 - Mid 2012) Screw Set

MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2010 - Mid 2012) Screw Set Изображение


MacBook Pro 15" Unibody (Mid 2010 - Mid 2012) Screw Set


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Awesome! they apparently have pair of screws for the assembly in stock (recycled), but are in the UK, half a world away ~ if no one in the US has the parts, iʻm ordering from them. their website is really efficient, at least, their search engine is.


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Drop by and introduce yourself to the old independent Mac repair guy that you find on Google.


if he has a spare screw.

If the hard drive I/R cable hasn’t been replaced, do it. Then use 3M Extreme mounting tape to prevent future damage.


Image of shipping envelope was here but deleted for security purposes as your address and name were on it.

Ships out Monday

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great idea! iʻll be upgrading to a 1TB SSD in a couple of months (iʻm on a very limited disability income right now ~ actually, iʻm hoping to use the computer for a one person stage lighting/sound design company to get off disability). when i get that, iʻll change out the cable as well. by chance, do you have a spare screw, cable and SSD for sale?


iʻll check them on line. problem is, i donʻt know the diameter and pitch, and whether there are other special requirements (material, treatment, etc.), so i was planning on forking out for OEM.


@the_kat Kahana Do I look like an " old independent Mac repair guy"? Well. that's exactly what I am. Yes, I have your screw, cable and SSHD. But you accepted the worst answer given. My email is listed in my profile.

Wait, the 15" does not need the cable, that's on the 13", sorry.


@the_kat Email me your address and I will mail you the screw.


omg youʻre awesome!!!!


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You might just try going to Lowes or some hardware store. They often carry metric screws.

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They don't offer screws this small


Whole Witt the problem as I see it is the way iFixit measures the screws. The 8.6mm is actually the length not the screw size diameter the way it usually is measured. A hardware store would have an 8mm bolt for sure :-) A good camera repair store will absolutely have the right screw :-)


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