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Repair and disassembly information for the Samsung 55" UHD television with model numbers UN55MU6290xxxx. Released in 2017.

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UN55J620DAFXZA - power supply replaced - fried again

I have a UN55J620DAFXZA (Samsung 55 inch TV) that stopped working and had a terrible burning smell come from it. It was still under warranty and the repair company said they replaced the main board and the power supply board. Later in the day I turned the TV on and the burning smell returned so I unplugged the TV. The warranty company is replacing the TV now. I removed the back of the broken TV and saw that there is a burn mark on the power supply board (BN44-00774A). I called the repair company that had come out before and they said that if the board is frying again that there is something else wrong with it and it is not the board? Does this make sense or could it just have been a faulty board that they installed?

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Power supplies normally have short circuit protection that prevents them from getting destroyed if there is a short somewhere. Possible problems would be 1) defective power supply (unlikely if the part was new), 2) Power supply set to (or designed for) wrong AC voltage (for example set to 115VAC but used on 240VAC). 3) Power line has a lot of spikes that may damage the supply. You should use a transient (spike) suppressor power strip to help eliminate this.

It is possible that the burning smell was left over from the first failure unless you noticed something else to show it was failing again (flashing screen, weird noise) . When components heat up, the rising air can bring out the smoke smell)

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