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Repair guides and support for the fourth generation Forester, a compact crossover vehicle manufactured by Subaru.

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Engine lite goes on for a while then goes off

ECM code P015A/B. Dealership replaced air fuel ratio sensor. Problem still persists.

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You would at least let us know which Sbaru and waht engine this is. The P015 code is usually related to the O2 sensors. Have those checked as well as the MAF. You can also get this because of a bad cat or aexhaust leaks as well as well as cracked header (gasket) etc.

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2017 Subaru Forester XT (2.0turbo) 35,000 miles. No apparent exhaust leaks. Air filter clean.

I used CRC Mass air flow cleaner a few months ago ago and this seemed to fix the problem until recently popping up again.


@steve grossman would make me think that there is an issue with the MAF. All of this should still be covered under warranty. Don't get yourself in to deep.


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