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Смартфон был выпущен 22 сентября 2017 года в двух модификациях: A1864, A1897, доступный GSM или CDMA модулями. Встроенное хранилище есть на 64 Гб или на 256. iPhone 8 Plus увидел свет в трех оттенках корпуса: золотом, серебристом и Space Gray.

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Proven lockscreen bypass for iPhone 8 Plus

Had a vindictive , psycho ex get hold of my phone and now, cannot do anything. Locked out…she changed the passcode and who knows what else. Does anyone know of a sure-fire way to bypass lockscreen so I can re-set everything? Tried a few “apps” I found from Googling, but so far …nada. Pretty good phone I’d hate to see go to waste.

[IPhone 8 Plus- 2018 model)



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RE: mayer

Appreciate you replying. Used the link you provided. Simply cannot get phone to enter DFU. Checked three different sites explaining how-to. Tried several x’s. At first I did get “connect to ITunes, but then I couldn’t even get back to that after subsequent attempts at DFU. I don’t know, but afraid this is going to turn into a very expensive Iclock!? Got any other ideas?



RE: mayer

My apology for not getting back to you sooner. Uhmm..you don’t understand. The ex has it(the phone) so that it’s down to activation mode and she even changed that passcode.(b*^#@ knew what she’s doing) I can take it to Apple, but that’s a small fortune for a phone I already paid a small fortune for!!! Resetting will do no good. I’ll have to wait till someone makes a hack or go pay Apple….again. Funny thing, just this past weekend I found(NO I didn’t steal it) another iphone 6 plus and it’s locked and I can’t get in touch w/ the owner. Apple has gone TOO far with their security…and I think that was by design. Anyways…THANX for replying.


I have a similar story - my ex knew how hard I had worked to save and buy my iphone and got me locked out of mine. She even took the SIM card and it isn't connected to the wi fi at my new place so I am literally screwed. I don't want to go to Apple either and I've tried tips, tricks, apps etc and nothing seems to be working. She changed all my info to hers and makes it look like the phone isn't even mine.. It's stressful and i totally agree that Apple has gone too far with their security. I tried customer service but since I can't get my serial number from my settings, I have nothing. I'm to the point of hacking into my own phone but I want a nth measure before I go hacking in. Any advice?


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If you enter the wrong passcode too many times, you’ll see a message that your device is disabled. If you can’t remember your passcode, you'll need to erase your device, which deletes all of your data and settings, including the passcode. Unless you made a backup before you forgot your passcode, there isn't a way to save the data on your device. Follow the steps below to remove your passcode.

Apple tells you how to factory reset it here:


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This might sound unethical. Early last year I suspected my husband was cheating on me because he wanted a child, I wanted to go through his phone to confirm my fears. I got online and came across a hacker via the dark web. He hacked into my husbands iPhone in less than 5hours, giving me remote access to his phone. Reach the hacker on Cyberhunters2 AT gmail dot com if you need his help.

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He just helped me hack my daughters phone, I needed to know who she is talking to for now. I will stop it later. Cyberhunters2 is really great I can testify to it. Contact him via gmail


I recently found out that he has been cheating on me, the relationship was good until he changed and time left me no choice but to spy on him. Thanks to Cyberhunters2 who i contacted after seeing your post, i got to know that he is not the kind of guy a lady can be serious with, he is a big jerk


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I am not in need of "spying" on anyone. I just want to be able to use this i-phone 8+. I'm still in need of "unlocking" the i-cloud lock. NOTHING unethical here...just want to have full use of what would be a good phone.

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