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The MSI GE62 6QF Apache Pro can be identified by its model number: MS-16J4. It's a high-end gaming laptop that was released in February 2015.

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Water spill on laptop

I dried the entire laptop parts for more than a week. When i turn on the laptop, screen doesnt turn on,cpu and gpu are not running(no temperature rise at all). Only fans and ssd are running. How do i fix that? Cpu and gpu circuit lines are fried(no idea how circuit works)?

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Coca cola or other sticky drinks have sugar and other grime which is now on your laptop. Drying it out does not work at all. You can get a replacement motherboard on eBay or bring it to a store. You probably don't have a ultrasonic cleaner and I would advice you to bring it to a store.


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The issue is that you dried out your laptop before getting it cleaned or looked at. Drying it out sped up the process of corrosion on the components that are on your motherboard. When water and copper (motherboard) are mixed with electricity you get corrosion that does not stop and needs to be cleaned in order for the corrosion to stop eating away at the tiny solder points on your Motherboard. Take it to your nearest shop that does SMD soldering and see if they can clean it or fix it.

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