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Comprehensive set of repair manuals for Android tablets manufactured by Samsung, including the Note 10.1 and the Tab.

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Samsung SM-T337A Rear Facing Camera Casing cover

The rear facing camera of a recently acquired Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T337A has a smoky haze to the picture image. Originally I replaced the rear-facing camera, and then determined that the external camera cover on the rear of the plastic case body is actually causing the cloudy images. Without the rear case body the camera takes great images. Is the rear camera lens cover glass or plastic? Can I polish it with fine (2,000-grit+) polish or such? Other options are to replace that piece (it is an insert in the case body) but parts are not easily available. Thoughts?

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Actually, I just tried (for lack of anything better) some Flitz rubbing/polishing compound (states it’ll do glass on back). Using a microfiber cloth that comes with every electronic device, and a small dab of Flitz, and some finger pressure in 85 directions and multiple doses of new polish, then gradually, over time, the glass cleaned up real nice. It’s not perfect, but this isn’t my main tablet for use or for pictures so it was more of a “project”.

Love these tablets by the way. Very easy to work on, simple designs, and so many uses.

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