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iPhone 6s will not enter recovery mode or DFU mode

Hi all,

I’ve got an issue that I’m struggling to get to the bottom of.

A customer brought in an iPhone 6s that had a dead home button. He needed it replacing as the iPhone was disabled, and it is not possible to restore the device without this button. The customer asked me to erase and restore the iPhone when the repair was complete.

I replaced the home button without issue, and it worked fine since it would light-up the screen. I began my attempt to restore the iPhone, attempting to enter both DFU mode and recovery mode using the normal methods.

Attemping to enter recovery mode failed - the iPhone just booted as normal.

Attempting to enter DFU mode failed - although I released the lock button at the right time, the screen went black for a few seconds but continued booting.

I have replaced the lightning port and the issue persists. I’m really struggling with this one.

Any input would be very appreciated,


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Are you able to get the apple logo to display at least without battery plugged in and charger plugged in? If not, I can guarantee this is a charging chip issue and it requires a board level repair.


@benjamen50 Thanks for the reply. Interestingly enough, yes, I do get the apple logo when the battery is plugged in. I too was thinking of IC damage but it doesn't appear to be the case...?


The thing is if apple logo doesn't appear WITHOUT the battery plugged in and WITH the charging port + charger plugged in it's almost guaranteed charging chip fault.


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If you can log into the device,(which means if it is not iCloud locked) then you can enter the DFU mode using Dr.Fone iOS tool kit. It will automatically puts your iPhone to DFU mode.

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