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Comprehensive set of repair manuals for Android tablets manufactured by Samsung, including the Note 10.1 and the Tab.

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Samsung SM-T387V Galaxy Tab A digitizer or LCD faulty?

Can a digitizer be faulty in “dead spots”? Recently replaced the digitizer for a customer and it works perfectly for 7 of the 8 vertical inches. When you get to the bottom row where the back, home and runnings apps virtual buttons appear - that area won’t respond to any touch commands. All else on the digitizer works fine. Or is it a possible underlying LCD issue?

ETA: the virtual buttons for back, home and running apps work fine if the screen is rotated, but that “dead” section still won’t respond to scroll swipes regardless. But at least I have a temp work-around to closing an app, you just have to rotate the screen each time.

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Yes it can. I replaced the screen of an iPhone 7 with a faulty digitizer. The top half worked fine, but the bottom half didn’t work at all. Simply replacing the screen fixed it. It cannot be the lcd. The lcd simply displays visual information. The digitizer is the thin piece of glass that registers analog signals (touch, swipe etc.) and converts it to digital signals which it then sends to the device. A digitizer and lcd are two different things.

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Thanks. Got a new digitizer on order. I pulled the unit back apart and tested everything again and that same section of the digitizer is just dead.


You can try a factory reset to test for software issue. Just in case.


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