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Samsung Galaxy S7 (SM-G930, SM-G935) — смартфон седьмого поколения линейки Galaxy S, анонсированный компанией Samsung Electronics 21 февраля 2016 года на MWC в Барселоне[

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your phone encrypted for security reason enter password to open you ha

after i update my mobile samsung s 7 edge it's start to startup security log in page says your phone encrypted for security reason enter password to open you have 5 attempt to factory rest i have a lot of data on my phone i do not want to lose please help i do not even remember to setup a startup security before what to do

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SOLUTION if you have setup a pattern pin lock you have to convert the pattern to numbers. So if you drew a Z in a 3x3 area from top to bottom the password would be 1235789.

Hope this makes sense and helps someone.

Worked for me.

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thank you that worked for me


Thanks, it works for me too, but how to change this pattern or password?


Oh my goodness, I’m so thankful I found your comment. That did the trick for me. I still had to find out the number of dots on the grid (3 by 3 dots), so I could number it correctly. I should’ve been able to tell from the numbers sequence you provided, but I was a little panicked, lol. You would think Samsung would give some guidance like this for anyone that does a pattern.


OMG! this is so brilliant! thank you for the tips!! been trying to unlock my samaung phone for more than 10x and I keep on thinking, wth is my password?? Did I set it up? And Ive come to realized that the password is my unlock pattern!


Man... You're awesome. Thank you so much. I can't believe this solution not well known. Your answer deserves more credit.


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I find it very strange that an update encrypted your phone. I know the feature exists but you have to manually set it up. Your phone is encrypted by default. This is an extra layer that prevents Android from booting untill set password has been put in.

You can try your unlock code/password/pattern.

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no i do not think it's the update who encrypted my phone someone set the thing manually and i do not remember i did that or not must be my wife she always doing that kind of staff but she do not remember too


If you don't know the password there is no way to circumvent it. You can consider your data as lost. Maybe flashing the bootloader and firmware will make your phone usable again. But retrieving your data is going to be difficult/nearly impossible.


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