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Socket 1366, is designed for early Core and Xeon series processors.

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Motherboard restarting at logo screen

I have a gigabyte gaex58- ud5 motherboard which keeps restarting at the logo screen

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Have you been altering the BIOS settings - overclocking for example?

With the PC turned off and the power disconnected, try pressing the Clear CMOS button on the back panel connectors panel and see if that works.

Here’s a link to the motherboard manual scroll to p.23 to view its’ location.

Alternatively if that doesn’t work, remove the CMOS coin cell battery from the motherboard for about 10 minutes , re-insert it and check if that works. Don’t forget to turn off the PC and to disconnect the power from the PC before you do this.

You may also check the voltage of the coin cell battery while it’s out. They are non rechargeable and only have a lifespan of about 5-7 years. If the voltage gets too low (<2VDC) your BIOS settings can become corrupted, when you turn off the PC and switch off the power. Just a thought.

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Have tried all of the above but unfortunately it still does the same, I fear it's time for a new motherboard.



Can you get into BIOS at all?

Try starting as a barebones computer i.e. PSU, motherboard, RAM, keyboard and monitor (in your case graphics card as well - if I read the manual right there is no onboard video) and see what happens. Disconnect everything else i.e. HDD, ODD, mouse and other cards and cables.

If still boot looping try removing RAM and see if the boot process stops with an error beep or message, If it does try the keyboard next and then try removing the graphics card and see if there are any beep error codes.

After this with nothing to lose then try re-installing or updating the BIOS as per p.81 in the manual.

Here's a link to the BIOS files.


The link is for a Gigabyte gaex58- ud5 Rev 1.0 board


Here’s the link if it is a Gigabyte gaex58- ud5 Rev 2.0 board.

Good luck


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