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The iRobot Roomba 880 is an autonomous vacuum released in 2013, with greater power and cleaning capabilities compared to the previous models.

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4 year old Roomba 880 squealing while running


thank you for all your responses we determine that it was the side brush motor. Ordered a new side brush motor and No More Squealing! YAY

Again, thank you all for your help

My 4 year old 880 has starting squealing/screaming while running. I’ve cleaned everything but still scrams. I’m afraid it’s the motor, any suggestions

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Thank you! That’s what we were thinking too.


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It’s probably the motor, if you’re an expert, you should take it apart - but for most of the time you should ask the previous owner, or company if they can fix it.

Again, what I always say “look it up!”.

Looking it up might not work…

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Thanks for seeing this! :)


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I had a squealing noise in my Roomba too. which I could trace down to the gearing of the extractor brushes.

The motor was slightly displaced so that the gears didn’t connect properly. I was able to fix this temporarily by adjusting the motor with a piece of plastic. but the gears were worn down already so that I had to replace the extractor housing (including motor and gearing). was not a lot of trouble and is totally doable!

I found the housing in the Roomba shop, but it was a hidden link I only found using google… I am not shure what the situation is where you come from but here in Germany this was also the cheapest offer!

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thats the part I bought for ~45€ while Amazon and Ebay were >60


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