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An HP desktop computer released in 2008.

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windows could not update the computer's boot configuration install...

My Pc is a HP Elite 8200, It’s not specified on the website

I tried updating to windows 10 Via a USB Stick.

Everytime I do I get the error message “windows could not update the computer's boot configuration installation cannot proceed”

I have gone into CMD, cleaned, formated, coverted to GPT. and still nothing. I took out the other HDD, Nope.

I tried disabling Secure Boot… or launching EUFI via BIOS Launch etc, I have some EUFI Utillity Launcher to my Boot USB, They just access the files or somthing.

I’ve tried everything and it just won’t work :/

At the Moment I’m stuck in a Update Windows Limbo, I’ve formated the Drives many times.. so Windows 7 is gone. -_- I’m thinking my PC is only Legacy… I might have to go back to Windows 7, somehow install this EUFI thing… Any help would be much appreciated, I’m usually handy with this stuff.

Cheers in advance :)

Update (10/02/2019)

I Installed Windows 10 On an SSD and put that into Sata, Boots off that and it Worked, Cheers for the help guys :)

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Known Specifications:

CPU: I7 2600


GPU: Nvidia GTS 450 (1gb)

STORAGE: 1.7Tb Split between 3x HDD


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The only place where you can download Windows 10 safely is directly from Microsoft’s website because Windows is proprietary software. Please download your Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft.

Windows 10 works best with a GPT-formatted hard drive, UEFI mode, and Secure Boot enabled. Please verify all these settings before proceeding with your installation.

You may be correct about your hardware being legacy hardware. Windows 10 requires a CPU with PAE, NX, and SSE2 technologies that Windows 7 does not need. If installing Windows 10 proves impossible, you may have to reinstall Windows 7.

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Try this :

Also refer to these websites to learn more about your problem.


The Windows Club

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I'll try this, How trusted is that site?


And as I said I can't access the UEFI Boot Options


You can trust the website I used it many times and someone in Microsoft community suggested it to me, why you can't access BIOS settings?


I could access BIOS Just not any UEFI Settings


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