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How to hard reset iPhone 6s and also how to fix mushy home button

Hey there I need to either backup or hard reset my phone but it is not recongised by iTunes and cannot be hard reset as the home button is mushy? Does anyone have a fix for these issues?

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Basically, I just swapped the replacement home button bracket for an OEM one and then I could follow Reflectio’s steps so that I could hard reset the phone. In the end I didn’t need to hard reset the phone I just found the original owner’s Instagram from the notifications on the phone (after putting in a sim card so that I could use mobile data as internet.) They were happy to give me the password. Thanks for the help!

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Removing the passcode is easy…you don’t need to “know a guy” to do it. But doing this will delete any data you have on the phone.

There is no way to get the data off the phone unless you can open it, unlock it and have it recognized by Windows/MacOs and then subsequently through iTunes or any other management software (such as 3uTools).

If you are truly the owner of the phone, then use the passcode to unlock it. If you found this device, you should either do everything you can to find the owner or if it’s not possible, wipe it clean.

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Hey @reflectio thanks for the speedy response <3. The home button for the phone is not actually working... It just feels mushy. It worked once but because its mushy it doesn't work. I have tried a screen replacement and a home button gasket replacement but it is still not helping. Is there a way to wipe it/restore it without the home button working? Thanks!


Disconnect the battery, connect it back in. When the phone boots, immediately enter the passcode. Once logged in, go to settings\general\accessibility\assistive touch. With assistive touch, you'll be able to use the phone.

As for the button, it should work without a gasket. Check the flex to see if it isn't damaged.


@reflectio I have now fixed the home button issue, I swapped the cheap aftermarket home button bracket for an OEM one. I think that I will use this guys service now because I have used him before. Is there a way I can create the backup without access to the passcode? Thanks!

Thank you!


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