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The HP Officejet 6600 Inkjet Multifunction Printer is a 4-in-1 device that can print, scan, copy and fax.

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My HP Officejet 6600 (H711g) will not pick-up paper from the feed tray

My HP Officejet 6600 (H711g) will not pick-up paper from the feed tray. I’ve followed the instructions for cleaning the rollers. Still won’t pick-up paper.

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Hi there Calvin,

I just want to get a little more information pertaining to your problem. Is the printer attempting to pick up paper (you can hear it)? Or is it not trying in general? I should be able to help if we have a little more in-depth description of the issue.




The printer clicks, whines and grinds... The normal process when it's about to print. Then, after several seconds, I get the "notification" that "there is no paper in the tray".


I cut hole in bottom of the printer and moved the little cog back in line and it works perfectly, maybe a little glue to keep it in place.


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These videos may help solve your problem:




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I've gone through all the procedures recommended at the "links" several times. Still, the problem exist...


Calvin, Sorry, but if HP doesn't know, I don't know where to go next.


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I had the same problem, I remarked that there is a gear in the top front just right from center, that some time just move to the side and stop the other gear that feed the paper to take the paper. If that’s your problem. I have drill a hole in the base if the printer and put instant glue to fix the problem. The printer work.

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