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Repair guides for the 2018 version of the Samsung Galaxy A8 Android smartphone released in January 2018. Good features at a good price. Model Number SM-A530F

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My phone will charge when connected to a laptop but not to any charger

It will spam the moisture in the charging port sometimes or just not register the wall charger at all. But as soon as I plug it into my laptop while turned off it will charge just fine.

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My phone does not recognise the wall charger. But the moment i plug it into a laptop for a second then replug into the wall charger it starts charging


same problem with me… 2 days ago mobile lower potion was exposed to water… not it is not charging with charger but charging with laptop. please tell me solution?


I am experiencing the same issue. How do I fix this? My phone only charges from the laptop...not the wall.


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There’s a chance that your media transfer only option is enabled. You should be able to swipe down from the top and see what method it’s using to connect via USB. Plug it into your computer and check, and change it to USB mode only if possible.

Hope this helps,


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thank you so much, i switched to charging-only option for USB and it's charging again!


how do I find this?


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Do a software update.... that may solve the problem

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