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Nintendo Switch screen turn on & off


My Nintendo Switch screen turn on & off when I want to boot it.

the backlight turns on and off and turns on in a loop. The same thing happen when I plug the switch in the dock.

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I have experience in switch repair. Can you see anything on the screen? Does it go to rcm? Is your unit rcm exploitable, if yes depending on your fuses we can rebuild the nand if this is hppefully a software issue. Else I am worried it might be something

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The switch doesn't display anything, the only thing is the backlight Lightning on & off, like if the screen was trying so turn on but fail.

The switch is patched, so not exploitable.

Someone tell me that it could be the LCD Connector, what do you thing about it ?



Since it loops even in the dock a charging volt meter might be helpful to see if it charges. Does it go to RCM at least (even tho it's patched) ? That will help us with the chip to replace. I suspect either the M92t36 either the bq(something) chip check this thread https://gbatemp.net/threads/m92t36-or-bq...


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