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The Samsung Galaxy Amp 2 was released in 2016 with the model number SM-J120AZ UD. It is a smartphone running the Android operating system.

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How do you move system memory onto an SD card?

Almost all of the memory on my phone has been taken by “system memory" and no matter how many times I move all of my files over, I still have over 7gb of my phone taken up. Is it possible to move the system memory to an SD card? Also, how do you move the apps themselves to an SD card?

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You can’t move the system apps over to the SD Card but there are other things that you can do to improve the storage problems.

a). You can try to move your downloaded apps to the SD card (and perhaps some pre loaded apps as well) but it depends if the app developer has enabled the function when the app was first created.

To do this go to Apps > Settings > Device > Applications > Applications Manager and tap on a downloaded app. In the options that open there should be a Storage setting to manage the app’s location, either in internal storage or SD card. If the option is greyed out or not there the developer has not allowed the move. Do this for all your downloaded apps.

b). According to the specifications for your phone it has Android 6.0 installed so you should be able to use the SD card (max cap. 128GB) as internal storage (combine internal storage with SD card storage), using the Adoptable Storage facility provided by the OS. Read through the article as there are downsides to doing this.

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Thank you!!!


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There is a big difference between memory (RAM) and storage (Flash)!

You can’t alter how your phones OS uses RAM. But you can free up the storage by either deleting or moving the files over to secondary flash storage.

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