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Model A1418 / Late 2013 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Will iMac be throttle / slow without display?

Hit everyone :)

I thinking to get rid of cracked display because sharp glass bits from my iMac 21” 2013 (and use it connected to monitor only)

I had iMac 27” but 2012 in past without display but from unknown source / Gumtree and it was throttling - it was so slow - even cursor was choppy.

I suspect it might be missing thermal sensor from LCD be a problem - if it would be - is it possible to remove it from it and keep in iMac shell?

So will iMac work as normal connected to monitor without LCD?

Thank You


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1 ответ

Well, you hit the issue with your other system as well! The system goes into Safe Mode when it looses access to its thermal & voltage sensors. The cooling goes into over drive and the CPU clock is lowered quite significantly! Which is why your system is running so sluggishly.

The display is needed for a few different reasons the first is the need of the thermal sensor within it, the iDP (aka eDP) internal displays load and lastly the systems cooling.

Sounds like you really need to get your self a Mac Mini here! How about fixing your system or systems (if you still have your 27” still) so you can sell them and then buy a mini.

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Thank You for fast response Dan.

I just watched Youtube video where that sensor is located and.......... it is very long strip / motherboard which is attached to....... 4 ribbons / flexes - I can sacrifice that display as it is cracked anyway - but what will happen if I cut those flexes?

Will that sensor/ daughter board be working? No throttling?


The load is the circuit of the display so cutting the ribbons won't offer that.


anyway....... I've just cut them off (those flexes) and..........

Better do not ask how my heart was bleeding doing this :/

So......... yep - now everything is working as normal - without that "strip" I thought I manage to regulate fan with Mac Fan Control - as cursor was working FINE - BUT - when I ran Geekbench - I had 1/4 of the speed so - yeah - that STUPID sensor / strip is....... needed.

Thankfully that other stupid LCD cable is NOT needed.

Downside - when booting - I cannot see Apple Boot Logo - first thing what I see is Login/Password - how to force iMac to boot from TV/Monitor?

I ask as I can remember Mac Pro 5,1 2010 with upgraded GPU without Apple Boot Logo - they CANNOT do macOS update


never mind - I've just "killed it" :/

I mean - after reset - cursor is choppy as !&%* - I even connected that other LCD cable - done PRAM reset - still choppy / dead slow :(

So that sensor is just bulls*it - image must be visible to be working

And more funny thing - removing those 2 display cables - makes cursor normal/fast - BUT - in Geekbench scores are about 25% full speed :/

Something tells me there is not solution for that other than replace with new display? :)


Sorry time for a new display, there is no way to fudge this.


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