Why acccord burns 1 quart of oil every 600 miles?

the car burns 1 quart of oil every 600 miles. It has 134,000 miles on it. Im probably going to change the pcv valve but what else should i do?

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Did you ever solve the problem. I'm experiencing something similar with my 2001 accord. 4 Cyl. No signs of burning oil or leaks. I cleaned the engine and after three weeks and a long road trip, my oil is gone and no leak.


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There are plenty of reasons for it. Check your exhaust fumes, if you see black but usually blue smoke or smell oil burning it is probably the rings. If your cars spits and sputters or skips at idle or low speed it may be the seals on your valves. Also, do a compression test. If the compression pressure is low, squirt a bit of oil into each spark plug hole. If compression improves substantially, then you know that the rings are bad. Of course, always start with the cheapest solution, that would be the PCV valve. Pull your plugs and take a look at the electrode and the faces and compare it to the attached image. They do reveal a lot about how your engine is firing. Of course, make sure that it is not leasking out from anywhere on your engine. Steam clean the engine or get it detailed so you can see what is going on. Check your driveway or the garage floor for oil spots.Again, there are plenty of reasons for your engine to use oil, these are just a few....good luck

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I changed the spark plugs and wires today. And there isnt any smoke coming out of the exhuast and it isnt leaking. I jus got my throttle body cleaned last week so my engine shakes now but its normal. i'v heard that 01 accord vtec 4cyl are notorious for burning oil. tommorow im going to change my pcv valve.


That does sound like a good start. Yes, the Vtec's are known for that. Again, if nothing else, check the rings.....:-)


+love the spark plug pic.. great resource...


jpatel, now where you have done a compression test and found that the 3rd cylinder has low compression, it will also be the cause for your oil burning issue. it looks to me like both of your question Cylinder 3 misfire? I'v changed the spark plugs, wires should be resolved. Good Luck to you and your Honda.


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My 98 Accord starting losing oil in 2012 at around 200k miles. I wasn't aware of the problem until the Walmart auto customer rep paged me about it. It was almost out of oil when they changed the oil and filter. It was losing about a quart every thousand miles. I spent several thousand bucks to attempt to have it fixed, but to no avail. Goodyear opted to replace the distributor, stating that the distributor has a part that goes into the oil pan. My opinion about Goodyear could fill a book. I never saw or smelled what could be construed as burning oil from the tail pipe, yet the oil loss continued. Mind you, this car was costing me several thousand a year to maintain and probably cost me 5 grand in the last year of ownership. I finally gave it up and bought a new car, a 2013 Accord V6 of all things. It finally dawned on me what the likely cause was. After numerous oil changes, the filter screw wears out. In fact, Goodyear had to rebore it to make the new filter fit. They stated that an inept mechanic probably misfitted a filter and caused the plug screw to misalign. I will bet that the oil loss was caused by the reboring. I remember seeing oil leaks on the driveway. It will only worsen at highway speeds.

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2005 honda accord 4 cylinder.

152k-175k miles

Walmart was putting 5w20 synthetic quickerstate oil from a green bottle.

I was paying like 23$ a month just in oil.

1qt a week @ 300 miles.

1,200 miles a month

Less of an issue in the winter...

Brought to mechanic nearby.

Found out that 5w20 was the best choice back in 2005, but after research.. being 2018. 5w-30 is recommended .

Quickerstate oil burns. So going from 5w20 to 5w30 will most likely fix your issue.

Changing from quickerstate oil to valvoline oil will definitely fix your issue .

5w-30 still recommend for summer.

5w-20 for winter.

Dont fo to Walmart, their oil filters suck, and they dont do a proper seal when replacing an oil filter 80% of the time...

Have a mechanic properly replace oil filter with a napa pro oil filter.

Another option is napa sells Jim's engine oil treatment. Highly recommend 4 qt oil , 1 qt treatment after an oil change.

Small rare issues, oil drain bolt and crush washer should be replaced.

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