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Model A1418 / Late 2013 / 2.7 & 2.9 GHz Core i5 or 3.1 GHz Core i7 Processor

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Is it possible to have working iMac 2013 without display?

Here is what I did :(

Will iMac be throttle / slow without display?

I had fully working iMac 21.5 2013 with cracked display - I knew if I remove display - iMac will throttle to very slow speed (because no LCD temperature sensor) - so I’ve removed that “strip” / daughter board from my working LCD - and to do so I had to cut those ribbons / flexes (which they are connected to LCD) and connected it to iMac motherboard - and iMac……. became sloooow - so slow cursor is choppy :( but fan spins nice and quiet - when I remove that daughter board - fan is full on - but at least cursor got normal speed - BUT iMac in Geekbench is so slow - it has about 3000 points out of 11000.

When “strip” is connected - top 4th LED green light is blinking - when removed - off completely.

I’ve tried to connect to motherboard that second LCD cable but no success.

Now the question is - is there ANY chance to have iMac fully working apart of buying new display replacement which is very expensive. :(

Thank You all for helping me.

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Why have you removed the display. Leave the cables in, connect an external monitor and use it on that?


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Bart this "so I’ve removed that “strip” / daughter board from my working LCD - and to do so I had to cut those ribbons / flexes (which they are connected to LCD" needs to be further investigated. Post some good pictures with your Question so we can see what you see. Right now it appears as if your iMac doesn't recognize what you set out to do and henceforth gets throttled to bear minimum. You may just have to replace the LCD completely. Adding images to an existing question

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correct - that is what I had to do :(

Same as iPhone without connected display will not fully iTunes Restore


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