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My TV simply wont turn on. It's just a year old. The remote functions

My TV just stopped working on Wednesday. It just didn’t power up. I’ve tried powering on manually but it simply shows no picture and no sound

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George Makiya  since it does not show any sign of life you will have to start with the power source. Make sure that you have a working outlet. After that remove every input source as well as the power cord. then hold the power button down for 30-60 sec. Plug the TV to power and connect one video source. Let us know if you get anything. If that still does not work you will have to remove the back from your TV and check the power board. Possibly a fuse or failed board. You will need a multimeter for further checks.

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Sorry but this doesn’t work for me


Adeel Akmal what make and exact model is your TV? What does it do? What have you tried to fix it?


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