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Released May 2004. Identified by model number T42 of the ThinkPad T40 series.

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Why is my laptop not switching on?

My thinkpad t42 will not switch on. What shoul I do?

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Sharlene, that is a very complex question. Have you checked your AC adapter? Is it working? You may need a multimeter to test it. Do you have anything on your T42? Any LED, any sign of live? Did anything happen to it?


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This step comes right from the service manual which is available right here for you to download.

Power system checkout To verify a symptom, do the following: 1. Turn off the computer. 2. Remove the battery pack. 3. Connect the ac adapter. 4. Check that power is supplied when you turn on the computer. 5. Turn off the computer. 6. Disconnect the ac adapter and install the charged battery pack. 7. Check that the battery pack supplies power when you turn on the computer.

Give it a try and see what you get. Good Luck

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