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13" aluminum unibody, 2.0 or 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo processor.

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Test Ram after upgrade?


I just upgraded to two 2gb Patriot Ram memory. I have a 15-day return policy - is there a way to test the RAM to see that it is working properly?

I backed up my system and did a fresh install with the new hardware. Everything seems to be smooth but just want to know if theres a way to test the RAM for proper operation...


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Hehe, so I think I have bad RAM memory, Quicktime crashed a couple of times, and Jdownloader as well..


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Start up from your original system installation disk holding down the "D" key and run extensive diagnostics.

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Great, Thanks for the prompt response.


I held the D button and couldn't get it to run ED. I only have new Snow Leopard Disk, I cant find my old one... Any suggestions?

I already tried holding D with the Snow Leopard Disk to no success.

Please advise,


There is no diagnostic program on a retail System Disk, only on the gray machine specific disk that came with the machine. It will take some effort but here's how to get it done:


Great!, Thanks for the suggestions. I installed the RAM and reinstalled the OS with the new RAM.

Did memtest and all three test passed.

It's been stable so far - but i intermittently get a crash on webpages that have i.e. macromedia player...

Going to try it out for a while. If not im just going to have to buy RAM from a more reputable company. Many many thanks.


I don't think this is a RAM problem at all. This is a Flash problem. Adobe bought out Macromedia. Try downloading the latest Flash.:

Here's the crash fix for FireFox:

See if your machine crashes in both Safari & FireFox

for more information

Please note that Adobe and Apple are fighting over this problem. Each blames the other and there's just not much that you can do about it. Here's the story:


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