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How to replace wiring chewed through by squirrel

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I have a 2007 Honda Accord with 2.4 4-cylinder engine. Yesterday the Check Engine light came on. Advance Auto said the code was P2413 which is the EGR valve. I looked under the hood today and saw that something (most likely a squirrel), had chewed through some wires. Photo attached… you can see the yellow wire is completely severed at the plug. He also ate through sheathing and severed the other wires as well. Any suggestion for me? I’ve looked on the Honda web site and can’t figure out what part to get. Or should I go to a junkyard and try to get a plug and wires that are in good shape and splice them together? Or will this need to be fixed at the shop? Thanks for any advice! Maynard

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I don’t know why the image didn’t show up the first time. I just uploaded it again. I think you can click on the image to zoom. I was thinking about splicing, but he bit off the yellow wire right at the plug. That’s why I was thinking of the junkyard… just unplug from the EGR and cut as far back as I could and splice.


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I do not see the pictures, but most wiring harnesses are color coded in the wires, so it should be easy (and cheapest) to simply splice them together again using short runs of same-gauge wire, matching wire color to wire color. A new wiring harness may include a LOT of work, as many of them go to many devices and directions.

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