Pixel 2 USB-C Port Fails with Headphones

My USB - C port on my Pixel 2 has not been working with headphones. It usually regurgitates extremely loud static, or complete silence.

I have to pull the USB-C to 3.5 mm headphone adapter slightly out and push on it from the side for it to work. It is a brand new adapter, and I have tested it with other phones, so I know that it works.

I was wondering if someone else has experienced this. I have had the phone since it was released, so perhaps the contacts are just very worn. I want to know if I would have to replace the entire charging assembly to fix it, or if there is something simpler I can do.

I also am wondering how risky it is to make this repair myself. I have already fixed an x-box wireless card, laptop, and some knives with my kit, and I'm very careful.

I suppose the question is, should I replace the charging assembly, or invest in some nice Bluetooth headphones haha.

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