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Fridge smells like it burning and want cool

Fridge want cool and smells like it burning

Update (08/02/2019)

Model Gb2fhdxwq02

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What is the model number of the fridge?

Check at the back of the fridge (outside the cabinet) (or underneath it - you didn't say the model number) and ensure that the condenser coils are clean and free of dust build up etc. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean it if dirty.

Can you hear if the compressor motor is running?

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Not sure if the compressor motor is running sounds like it I reset the fridge but still a burning smell and warm



You have to remove the lower cover at the back to get to the condenser and the compressor.

Be careful as the compressor motor may be very hot if it has been running continually for a long time. Switch off the fridge at the power outlet before you start.

Once you have the cover off and inspected the condenser and carefully felt the compressor motor to see if it is hot and the cause of the burning smell, turn the fridge back on and check that the condenser fan is also working


Check it all motor it’s hot smells seems to be coming from there and yes the fans in fridge is working .(if water gets down into the fans inside the fridge and freezer when washing out the fridge will that make it not cool



Water and electricity are not a good mix.

At best if cleaning a refrigerator you should only use a damp cloth and not have water sloshing about, getting into places where it shouldn't.

You may have to get a fridge repair service out to check if the compressor is OK if you're smelling an electrical burning smell from there. With normal usage the compressor will be warm but not hot.


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Hey patriciaparrish73.

Sounds like it could be the relay/start capacitor package on the compressor. Unplug the unit & remove the lower cover on the back. Plug the unit back up briefly and observe the small devices mounted next to the compressor. You may be able to see an electrical arc, sparking, glowing, etc. Unplug the frig again. Also, you may want to inspect the wiring in this area to ensure they’re not compromised. Replace the relay/start capacitor package (and/or damaged wires) if you were able to detect a problem, before trying to run the frig again. This, if it’s your problem, is a dangerous situation that could cause a fire!!

Be Safe & Good Luck.

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