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Игровая приставка от Sony Computer Entertainment, анонсированная 20 февраля 2013 года и выпущенная 15 ноября 2013.

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Water damage, disk constantly ejecting

Hi so about half a pint of water was spilt on the floor by the playstation. Some definitely landed on it, and so I dried the area and left the playstation with the electricity off for about 15 hours. Just tried using it again and the disks keep ejecting and even without a disk you can hear the mechanism for the disk keep going. It also got very warm very quickly. I'm going to keep it off for another 12 hours, but if anyone has had this happened to them before or has any tips it would be appreciated greatly!

Thank you so much!

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Water damage? IMMEDIATELY unplug the system. Disassemble it and dry every single part completely. Check for any corrosion and clean with isopropyl alcohol. I recommend anything higher than 70% because it is less water and dries faster and has less chance of causing corrosion. After the IPA hasd dried, check all nooks and crannies of the system and case (this is a good time to clean the thing as well), and check for any leftover water in any spots. Leave the system out for a day in a dry location, and then reassemble. If it STILL does not work, then the chip controlling the eject motors is shot and needs replacing. If you are not experienced in reballing a chip or replacing a BGA chip, just get a new motherboard, or even better, just get a new PS4.

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