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iPhone 7 battery pourcent fake

hello the team

I have a problem with my iphone 7 the component U2 was broken

I change it

but now the phone is rebooting but the battery percentage is misleading (it goes from 1 to 100%)

I put it down and then turn it back up to 56%

when I test with the multimeter the value is of 3.7V

i have replaced the battery but the problem is still

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Don’t know if this is the solution because I didn’t touch U2 but I had the same issue with my iPhone 7 and all I had to do was re-callibrate the battery by using it until it completely died, charging it undisturbed all night, using it until it died completely and then using it as normal. Hope this helps!

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thanks a lot for your answer my friend but i had try this solution


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Brother that is SWI (Electric quantity detection) pin fault.There in iPhone so many small ic resistor works for that.Sometime while open screw also that parts makes damage.

In my suggestion.

Check the battery connector SWI pin in a good condition.

This flactution on battery percentage not issues to Trister but might be in Tigris and that is also a charging ic too.

Check gnd resistance on Bsi might be open or damage from swi to tigris.

Block Image

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Follow that line mark on red


I want to thank with all my heart my brother Akash

you were right my dear brother it was the connector swi the cause of the problem

with the help a little tools I straightened it

thank you again my brother Akash

thanks a lot


My pleasure brother.


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