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Repair and disassembly guides for food cooling appliances including refrigerators, freezers and fridge-freezers.

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8 months of extreme fluctuating temperatures

Our GE Profile French Door refrigerator section will not stay cool.

Model No. PFSS2MIXA SS. Serial# 311204

It randomly warms up to temperatures as high as 68 degrees and has maintained such temperatures from half a day to three and a half days straight. All the while, the contents of the freezer have never defrosted. The freezer fluctuates between -8 and as warm as 28 degrees.

Technicians from a private company and GE appliance (most recently) have come out to service this appliance six times but the problem continues.

The first tech checked the back of the unit briefly and said everything looked fine. He later returned several times and replaced the control panel, the motherboard and fiddled with the oval shaped vent on the upper left side of the refrigerator. When that did not work, they refused to return and said there was nothing else they could do. Next, a GE Appliance tech took apart the freezer and replaced a thermistor inside the back panel. However, two days later, the temperatures were again too warm for several days.

He then advised us to keep large bottles of frozen water in the freezer to help prevent the entire appliance from getting too hot during defrosting cycles in the freezer, as not keeping enough solidly frozen items in the freezer may be causing the refrigerator to reach and maintain excessively high temperatures.

This ongoing issue has lead me to keep a temperature log and a photo journal of the temperature readings on the top panel because this appliance has appeared to run correctly all but once during previous repair appointments.


Tech replaced demistor in the freezer 8/5

8/6 -4 and 50 degrees at 8:30am, -1 and 43 degrees at noon, 0 and 38 degrees at 3pm

8/7 2 and 39 degrees at 7am

8/8 maintained at setting (0 and 37 degrees)

8/9 maintained

8/10 -1 and 46 degrees 7pm

8/11 -6 and 54 degrees 2am

8/12 1 and 50 degrees 7am

8/13 0 and 60 degrees 3pm

8/14 -2 and 37 degrees 8am, 10 and 44 degrees at 2pm, 11 and 49 degrees at 4:45pm, 9 and 56 degrees at 7 pm

TODAY -2 and 36 degrees at 7a.m., -1 and 38 degrees at 8:30 am and, per the trend, I am sure it will just continue to climb higher as the hours pass. I can hear the appliance running but there are many times when it is dead silent.

All of the door seals are clean and not cracked, there is no dust around the bottom or back of the unit either.

The TurboCool feature does not seem to do anything at all.

During the first week of July the refrigerator section kept at 60+degrees for three and a half days before automatically cooling down to the set range of 0 and 37 degrees on its own.

At times when the unit does run within appropriate temperature ranges, the food in both refrigerator drawers freeze, as well as food kept on the middle shelves ( container of milk frozen solid, an onion and other veggies).

We no longer store raw foods in here because we cannot trust that items will be kept cold.

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When you said “the contents of the freezer never defrosted” do you mean they stayed frozen and didn’t thaw? Did you notice any frost or ice buildup anywhere - walls ceiling floors?

It’s behaving as if there is an issue in the defrost circuit. It could also be a sealed system issue. I’d need to check both circuits with my multimeter. Is the compressor hot to touch ? Do you hear any clicking sounds?

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Nope, no ice build up at all. A GE Appliance tech returned this morning and replaced the fan. Nothing was out of place or frozen over when he took apart the freezer compartment. The refrigerator section had been at a steady temperature of 67 degrees for the past 5 days.

He replaced the compressor the first week of this month. Three days afterwards, the temperatures began fluctuating again. Cool 2-3 days, then 56 degrees+ for the next few days…..Repeat.


Hmmm....I guess you’ll have to wait a few days to see if the fan was the culprit. Let us know how it goes.


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