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Dell Studio 1537, model number: PP33L. Released August 2008, with Windows Vista by default. Repair for this laptop is straightforward and requires only common tools.

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What is the wattage of this computer

I'm replacing the battery on this computer and was wondering what wattage it was. The chargers that are compatible with it are PA-10, PA-12, PA-2E, PA-3E. Thank you!

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Most consumer Dells ship with a 65W or a 90W, depending on the spec - 65W is usually for the low end systems (Pentium/i3), while 90W is reserved for the higher end (i5/i7). Alienware is all on the 130W+ range, along with all of the quad core Dell business models. Things may be different with more efficient processors after Haswell, but I doubt it.

With your laptop, Dell does not list the 65W adapter so yours is a 90W required machine, with the option of using the 130W adapter. In your case, the 130W adapter will run cooler and since it doesn’t need all of that power, it will run cooler and the adapter will last longer then an adapter that is maxed out. It also gives you room to grow when you buy a newer laptop in the future so you’re set with a second adapter because you already own a 90W unit that will work on your next system.

If it’s a common system with onboard video and a Core 2 Duo, it’s usually the 65W adapter that is required at the minumum, but some of the higher end machines do require the 90W - this one requires the 90W adapter. As far as a replacement goes, the PA- series is a discontinued legacy adapter from the 2000’s that died with the D Series, so that does age it from being a Core 2 Duo era system. If you are shopping for a current replacement, this adapter (Slim 90W) will work as if it was from the PA series and it has replaced all of the previous adapters Dell used to sell for many of their older laptops, without many of the issues the PA adapters had so it’s replacement is good. Unless you can find a used one cheap that works (and is in good shape), any new PA- adapter is a laptop killing knockoff. Dell has not sold them in *years*. The last generation 90W that postdates the PA- series (pre slim) is the FA series.

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