Screw Orientation, placement, sizes where they go

I need help with were the screws go, all the videos are teardowns not putting it back together and no ones is showing you the screws they just talk about them, that doesnt help enough, id just slap it back together but thats rediculous

if anyone has the orientation of the screws , the size, color where they go please

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I doun’t have the answer but for future references I think you should group the screws even tape them together and take photos with the screws in the holes to take record.yes I did have the same problem once and lost half of the screws.I’ll try to find out though.


Yeh, found somewhere that sells them, with the specs of size, bit, how many, colour and location,


Lets backup here... Why did you open your system and what screws are you struggling with (post a good picture or two so we can see) Adding images to an existing question


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