Phone won't turn on after battery replacement

After following the guide on iFixit to replace the battery on my Pixel, I drained the new battery to 0% for calibration. I then plugged the device in overnight to allow it a full charge.

On initial plug-in, a red LED blinks three times, then the charge animation displays for a few seconds before the screen goes black.

When I attempted to power the device on this morning, it got to the Pixel logo and powered back off. It'll boot into bootloader and recovery for a short time before dying as well.

What I've tried:

  1. Two known working charging bricks with USB-C to USB-C cables.
  2. USB-A to USB-C cable on a 5v 1a charging port.
  3. USB-A to USB-C cable on a 5v 2.1a charging port.
  4. Blew out the charging port with compressed air (wasn't dirty to begin with, but wanted to eliminate that).
  5. Double checked all connectors when re-assembling the device - mother/daughter cable is installed correctly and there are no loose ribbons.

Outside of a damaged charging port during battery replacement, is there anything else that might cause this?

Any thoughts on what else I can try?

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